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There is a daily-war being waged on your time and energy.

At the end of the day, there's little left for the most important pieces like family, health, and well-being. Worse yet, you and your family are unfulfilled.

Coach Kris Mac's War Room

builds a squad of business leaders striving to 

conquer it all.

Coach Kris Mac

I get it,
I’ve been there.

I've built and sold businesses. Developed winning teams. I've won at life only to lost it all and then climbed back to the top. As a CEO and entrepreneur, I'm always looking for what's next.


Kris has a real passion for developing people to rise to and realise their potential. We would recommend working with him, in doing so know that you will be challenged, you will receive authentic feedback and you will get results.

– Dylan & Sheree Ditchfield from Stile Inc

“Kris is incredible. We come out of every single one of our coaching sessions with him absolutely buzzing. He focuses us, keeps us accountable and his advice is invaluable. Kris is continuously steering us in the right direction and driving our business forward.  .”

– Kate Wilkinson & Anna Kirkwood from The Awareness Project

You shouldn't wage your daily-battle alone.

Push Yourself

Just as soldiers train before battle, understanding your physical, professional, and emotional potential is key to leveling up.

You will set goals and see results.

Forge Bonds

Business leaders support and serve their teams, but who supports the leaders? Find a support structure here for the issues that can cause sleepless nights & an unfulfilled life.

Join a squad that you can rely on.

Realize Your Purpose

Identify the changes you want to make towards the person you want to be, at home, in life and in business.

Be fulfilled at home and in your business.


The War Room Is:

  • Live monthly group sessions with Kris Mac (2+ hours each)
  • Discuss topics and burning issues that have identified in prework  
  • Review your opportunities and roadblocks  
  • Review actions from the previous 30 days 
  • Set a new action plan with responsibilities and deadlines 

You also get:

  • Direct access to Kris on our calls and in the private Facebook group
  • Access to recordings of every session 
  • Massive networking opportunities with other high achievers
  • Challenges, Q&A, and more

Are you hungry for a challenge?

1. Arrive

We're looking for business leaders that want to take their careers and home life to new heights.

2. Strive

Engage and challenge yourself and other squad members to make the unit stronger. 

3. Thrive

Cut the bullshit and live a life of impact.


Hi, I’m Kris Mac.

I know what it feels like to be winning but still have a hunger burning inside. You’re crushing it but feel like you’re falling short in other areas of life, and for you, that’s not good enough. The problem is, you’re always pouring into others, helping them reach goals to get what they want out of life.  

My War Room will help you drill down what is truly important and the impact you want to leave behind. We work together to build a plan, so we know what is needed to succeed. Then, I surround you with a team of fellow business leaders who are walking a similar path. It's designed to keep you accountable, push yourself, and execute every day. 

You’ll attack every day knowing that when the shit hits the fan, it’s never going to hold you down or hold you back. You’ll be able to get up, dust off, and get back in there. No one gets through life unscathed or unscarred. It’s what we take from those scars—the lessons we learned that we could give as gifts to our families, friends, and team members.

Still not ready to get after it? Here are “3 Simple Steps to Own Your Day”! So you can stop sitting back, waiting for a change, and make it happen yourself.



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