Coaching for your life, career, and everything in between.

Don’t waste the one shot you have every day.





Do you find yourself:

  • Feeling powerless each day
  • Feeling helpless when it comes to problems
  • Unmotivated to push yourself
  • Achieving success but still feeling lost

Many people don’t have the drive they need and find themselves stuck in all areas of life, not knowing what it’s costing them. With Battle Ready Coaching, you’ll not only win back the day but develop a plan for years to come.

I get it,
I’ve been there.

I had done everything right and I still felt completely lost. With my face in my hands, I didn’t know what to do next. It took a crisis to get my attention and I’m so glad that I finally listened.


Kris has a real passion for developing people to rise to and realise their potential. We would recommend working with him, in doing so know that you will be challenged, you will receive authentic feedback and you will get results.

– Dylan & Sheree Ditchfield from Stile Inc

“Kris is incredible. We come out of every single one of our coaching sessions with him absolutely buzzing. He focuses us, keeps us accountable and his advice is invaluable. Kris is continuously steering us in the right direction and driving our business forward.  .”

– Kate Wilkinson & Anna Kirkwood from The Awareness Project

The military taught me about grit and it requires:

Physical Strength

Just as soldiers train before battle, understanding your physical health and potential is key in helping your day to day. Our programs encourage you to set physical goals, surpass those goals, and see results.

Professional Strength

The role your job and profession play in your life is key. Most don’t know how to win at their job, let alone make sure their job doesn’t take over. We’ll make sure you know how to climb the ladder and enjoy the view.

Emotional Strength

Your mind and emotions are a necessary foundation for your life. Seeking to know their role, how to let them exist well, and how to use them will not only bring clarity but they will also uncover your life’s greatest purpose.


Here’s how we develop your own grit:

1. Start Your Trial

Starting your trial puts you right in the middle of the “Battle Ready Coaching” team. Join the group and find others who want to see you succeed.

2. Show Up

You get out of this what you will put into it, showing up is the most important piece of the puzzle. Every day is vital to claim as your own.

3. See Change

You’ll see results quickly that span all areas of your life. We make sure to track your wins so that you can consistently stay on the right track.


Hi, I’m Kris Mac.

We know that you want to live without regrets and be ready for what life throws at you. In order to do that, you need a new approach and a program that gives your life the kick it needs. The problem is, most programs out there are created by people who are too disconnected from your everyday. We believe your one shot at life should have the right support and a coach that not only cares, but understands. The feeling of not knowing what to do next is one that I’m all too familiar with which is why I’ve spent the last 8 years coaching others how to live a life that they’re proud of and have a plan for each day. Start your trial today, and in the meantime, here’s “3 Simple Steps to Own Your Day”! So you can stop being distracted and instead find focus and ownership for your day!



Download our Free Guide:

3 Steps to Own Your Day

Own Your Life

We believe you should be the one in charge and in the driver’s seat.

Decide What Matters

We believe you should put your time and money into things that really matter to you.

Do Hard Things

We believe effort and grit can be found in anyone and limitations are subjective.